Piccadilly Porter Bag in the Box

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Special offer, double up for free – Buy a 5 litre box & we will send a 10 litre box,  buy a 10 litre box & we will send a 20 litre one!        ************* SOLD OUT************SOLD OUT***********SOLD OUT***********

We have a good amount of our multi award winning Porter sat in the cold store. Originally destined for our pub customers, there sadly isn’t much chance of them opening for a fair few months. Rather than it sat there waiting for the big day, we thought we would offer it out to be enjoyed now at a fantastic price! We will pack it fresh into clever bag in boxes that last up to 14 days once opened so you can savour the delicious cask flavours at your leisure.  Easy drinking, & quite light for a Porter, with coffee & chocolate undertones overlaying the hop bite and malty backbone. 4.8% abv.

Great taste award winning & voted best beer in Yorkshire!

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2 reviews for Piccadilly Porter Bag in the Box

  1. Eileen Newell

    Hi, never Bought but I did get to taste it’ it was a good drink, sorry can’t remember which name the Bear was 😋

  2. Paul Barber

    I don’t usually buy bulk amounts of a beer I have not tasted, but took a chance on this one, and glad I did. In fact I bought a second box as soon as I had tasted the first one, definitely recommend to lovers of dark beers, and ale lovers in general.

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